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My Background

I am a professional software developer with many years of experience.  I’ve written features for Northstar graphics demos, Sun Draw (via Island Draw), Surpass, Quattro Pro DOS, Quattro Pro for Windows, Paradox for Windows, FrameMaker, QuickSite, JBuilder, and Entrance.  I’m mentioned in the Wikipedia article on Quattro Pro.  My LinkedIn profile is here:

The Parlett Landis Algorithms

The computing algorithms I co-authored with Prof. Beresford Parlett back in 1982 are available here:  The paper has been cited by something like 25 journal articles.

Entrance and plotql

I co-developed the open source program Entrance with my good friend, Shane Duan.  The Entrance web site is here:    An Ignite! talk I gave at the 2010 MySQL User Conference, “Painting Data With Entrance and MySQL”, is here:

The Entrance plotql language combines SQL and chart setup commands in a single script language.  The plotql document is here:   Many of the keyword descriptions link back to examples in the Entrance blog.

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