NGC 2626
Digitized Sky Survey (P/DSS2/color)
"Hello Universe" is a free app  in the iOS app store and an open source app on github. It combines a virtual telescope, supplied by Aladin Lite, with a map of the sky making use of the Yale Bright Star Catalog.

If you want to jump right into using HelloUniverse download the app to your iPhone or iPad and visit the List of Spiral Galaxies page.

A Quick Tour of "Hello Universe"

Start HelloUniverse, and you will see the Andromeda Galaxy, some two and a half million light years away:

The image you see is part of a panorama of the cosmos stitched together in the Digitized Sky Survey by the Space Telescope Science Institute.

Next, try other galaxies. Tap on the search bar at the top of the screen and enter the Messier identifier "M51". This repositions the view, and at the new center, you will see a white dot. Zoom in on the dot with pinch gestures, and you will see the beautiful Whirlpool Galaxy.


Any of the Messier Objects, M1-M110, will work similarly, as will all standard SIMBAD identifiers and many common object names. Try "Baade's Window", "IC 239", "NGC 2841".


The center of the star map moves to match the center of the virtual telescope as it changes Tap on the "Star Map" tab at the bottom of screen, and find the orange dotsh marking other Messier objects. Pan the map to move unti red plus sign is near a Messier object, then switch to Aladin Lite to see it in the telescope.

Next go to the Settings dialog and turn on "Aladin Field of View". An orange frame appears on the Sky Map map corresponding to the telescope view.


Finally, try something a little harder and a little stranger. On the Aladin Lite tab zoom out as far as you. You should see part of a black circle of stars on a white background. Go to Settings and set the Survey to "GLIMPSE360". Back on the Aladin Lite tab use finger pan gestures to move the center over the colored band you see. That's the Milky Way galaxy imaged in Infrared by the Spitzer satellite! Zoom in and pan through it. Then try searching for "IRAS 14597-5728", which is an id for the Black Widow Nebula. Play with the zoom factor and you should see something like the image at right:


To reset the survey, either restart the app or go back to Settings and choose survey "DSS2/color".

Star Labels

By default, Hello Universe shows constellation names, but not star names. You can change this in Settings. Try labelling stars with their Bayer Greek letters this way: