Tod Landis

PO Box 1220

Boulder Creek CA 95006

831 338 6967



BA, Mathematics, UC Berkeley, 1972

MA, Mathematics, UC Berkeley, 1975

(UC Community Teaching Fellow, 1972-1976)



Streamflow and Streamflow Plus, iPhone Apps

Streamflow is a free app in the App Store, and Streamflow Plus is a retail version selling for $2.99. They report current stream conditions at USGS gaging.  Streamflow 1.0 received two five star reviews and other praise.  See the links at :   The underlying technology for these apps is a Datetime-Y chart that pans and zooms in response to touch events.

Java Developer, Entrance, 2004-2010

I co-developed the open source program Entrance with my good friend, Shane Duan.  Entrance is a tool for charting data in MySQL databases.

The Entrance web site is here:    An Ignite! talk I gave at the 2010 MySQL User Conference, “Painting Data With Entrance and MySQL”, is here:

The Entrance plotql language combines SQL and chart setup commands in a single script language.  The plotql document is here:  


Java R&D Engineer, Java Products Group, Borland International, 8/99 -3/02

Wrote software for three released versions of the JBuilder Java IDE and two

releases of Borland's Java database program, JDatastore.


C++/Delphi Software Developer, DeltaPoint 5/96-7/99

Wrote an HTML syntax highlighting editor for QuickSite, a web site site management tool , and various Internet software components. Worked on cataloging software for ecommerce sites and interfaced the QuickSite site manager to the Netscape Commerce Server.  


C++ Software Engineer, FrameMaker/Adobe Systems,  1/95-5/96

Wrote Windows software to import, display and print TIFF images.  Working as a part of a team, designed cross platform color support for FrameMaker based on the PageMaker color model.  Prototyped a cross platform vector graphics package.  Presented at  the Adobe Developers' Conference.


C++ Software Developer/Founder, DuckFeet Inc., 1/93-12/94

Designed and implemented a system for scripting CGI and servlet-based online stores., which included a built-in database system and script parser for generating HTML.  (DuckFeet was a start-up  software company).


C++ Contractor, Borland International Inc. , 6/93-12/94

Modified the Borland 2D/3D chart making engine (which I had written earlier) to work with a new version of Paradox.  


C++/Modula 2 Software Engineer, Borland International Inc. (6/88-12/92)

Designed and implemented the  2D/3D chart making engine for Quattro Pro for Windows.   Integrated it into Paradox for Windows, as a chart-making system for the database system.  Quattro Pro for Windows won some 30 awards, including the PC Magazine Award for Technical Excellence   Also, coauthored a drawing program for the DOS version of Quattro Pro.  This product also won a PC Magazine Award for Technical Excellence.


Modula 2 Software Developer, Surpass Inc. (6/87-6/88)

Designed and implemented a graphics drawing program as an enhancement for Surpass, a Lotus-compatible spreadsheet program.  Also wrote a PostScript driver for the Surpass report generator.  (Surpass was a software start-up acquired by Borland—the Surpass spreadsheet became Borland's DOS Quattro Pro)


C++ Software Engineer--then Project Leader, Island Graphics Corporation (11/85-6/87)

Implemented features for a Sun workstation-based drawing program, Island Draw.   With changes this became Sun Draw.   Implemented a font manager for a Sun workstation-based desktop publishing package.   Lead a four programmer project to port and revise Sun-based drawing, paint, and desktop publishing software to an early version of Microsoft Windows.  


Lead Graphics Programmer, MicroPro International (6/83-6/85)

Prototyped a mixed text and graphics printer driver system for Wordstar, which included a proprietary implementation of the VDI, or ANSI Virtual Device Interface, standard for generating vector graphics images.  


Senior Graphics Programmer, Northstar Computers, (5/82 – 6/83)

Wrote Busigraph II a device independent business graphics package written to run on  the Northstar Advantage as a graphics demo.  (The Advantage was  a CP/M micro with a 640x200 monochrome graphics display)


Computer Scientist, Eureka Resource Associates, (4/81-5/82)

Designed and implemented a gravity database management system which enabled users to preview and edit gravity measurement data using a Tektronix 4054 graphics terminal.  The system displayed plots of gravity station data on topographic or  gravity contour maps.  Also wrote programs for generating contour maps and plots of aeromagnetic measurements using Dynamic Graphics C plotting libraries.  Wrote various tools for map fitting and data reduction.


Research Assistant, Office of Naval Research, (6/80 -4/81)

Co-developed  new computer algorithms for scaling nonnegative matrices to doubly stochastic form.  In some cases, one of these algorithms was much faster than older methods.  Proved convergence theorems for the new methods and co-authored an article about them which appeared in the Journal for Linear Algebra and Applications (1980).  Google and Amazon searches for “parlett landis” reveal something like 25 cites to the paper, including discussions of the proof in these two books:  Combinatorial Matrix Classes by Richard Brualdi (2006) and Nonnegative Matrices and Applications by  by R. B. Bapat and T. E. S. Raghavan (1997).


Lecturer,  Department of Mathematics, San Francisco State University (9/79-6/80)

Taught high school level Math courses and “Math Without Fear”.  Participated in a Faculty/Student seminar on numerical analysis.